Are we a Nation of Narcissists?
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How to be a narcissist

  • Do you know someone who is a really bad loser? Narcissists often blame others for being incompetent rather than look at themselves. For example, in a sporting match, the narcissist will denigrate the referee rather than admit the other player was superior.
  • Narcissists feel more ‘entitled’ than others, more entitled to wealth, recognition, praise, you name it.
  • Whether overt or covert, narcissists are arrogant and conceited and have a tendency to disregard the needs of others. Seeking admiration from others is a key trait.
  • An interesting study[1] showed that narcissists swear more and are more argumentative than non-narcissists. They also use more sexually explicit language.
  • Narcissists think they’re more attractive and intelligent than others. They’ll dress better and have a more ‘put together’ look than others.
  • In a relationship, narcissists are manipulative and more willing to cheat. They will criticise those who may expose them and gather people around them who will help them maintain their image. Watch out for name dropping too!
  • Often narcissists understand how they are perceived by others: attractive, intelligent, funny and power-oriented, prone to exaggeration and arrogant. But they just don’t care. They believe others are jealous of them.

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[1] Psychologists Nicholas Holtzman and Michael Strube from Washington University in St. Louis conducted the research