Are we a Nation of Narcissists?
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About NowGen

Dr Lynette Maguire

Founder and Principal Consultant, Dr Lynette Maguire

Now Generation was started in 2015 as a result of Dr Lynette Maguire’s doctoral research at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.  Lynette’s research looked at the rise of narcissism and violence in our culture and how the internet and social media are impacting the behaviours and belief systems of our younger generations.

Graduating in 2015 with the University’s Chancellor’s Medal, the highest award given to a graduating student, Lynette now spends her time speaking at conferences and running workshops and masterclasses around the world.

Now Generation responds to many social issues by educating children, teens, parents, and business people by taking specific knowledge to schools and workplaces globally.

Dr Maguire’s areas of expertise include:

  • the impact generational changes have on our culture, including the impact on businesses, not for profit organisations and workplace behaviours
  • the changes in parenting styles which are encouraging entitlement mentality in our teens and how this impacts our social, business and cultural worlds
  • the increase of narcissism in western cultures – trends, pitfalls and impacts of the ‘what about me’ mentality
  • the increase of violence and violent behaviour, including hypermasculinity, and a cultural desensitisation to violence in our world
  • the impact internet and social media has on behaviour with an increase in cyberbullying and teen suicide
  • the very disturbing effects the porn industry is having on our teens and the future effects this will have on our society
  • veganism -vs – carnism
Dr Lynette

Loving her research! Lynette is happiest when she’s researching, writing or presenting

Lynette’s knowledge base is forever expanding as her research takes her to new realms of behaviour, including cultural, behavioural and market trends.  In fact, Lynette is expanding her research to a PhD in Public Health, investigating the key socio-environmental impactors to teen mental health and well being, in order fight against the disturbing rise in suicide of that age group.

Want more information?

Dr Lynette’s academic research is now available: Is social networking increasing narcissism and violence in teens?

An academic text by author Dr Lynette Maguire

An academic text by author Dr Lynette Maguire

Dr Maguire’s book Selfies, sexting, suicide and savagery: Welcome to the era of narcissism  will be released in 2017. This is an expansion of Dr Lynette’s research and is written to the parents and caregivers of teens.  It’s easy to read and provides some great tips on many of the impactors of teen behaviour.

A book for parents of teens about what's going on with them.

A book for parents of teens about what’s going on with them.

You can pre-order by emailing

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Lynette’s achievements include:

Sessional tutor, University of Sunshine Coast

2015 Chancellor’s Medallist, University of Sunshine Coast

Past Council Member, University of Sunshine Coast

Past President, Student Guild, University of Sunshine Coast

Past President, Golden Key Honours Society, University of Sunshine Coast

Board Member, Harm Minimisation Inc

Board Member, Hair Aid Inc

Chief Executive Officer, My Wedding Wish Ltd

QCAT JP Magistrate, Maroochydore Magistrates Courthouse

Owner, Elope to Australia

Civil Marriage Celebrant


Feedback Received:

“What a morning and what a speaker. You were amazing Lynette and everything I expected.
The morning after you received your Chancellor’s Medal at the Sunshine Coast University last year, a friend rang me, knowing I am always looking for amazing speakers, and said ‘Marie, I have found the speaker for your next IWD Breakfast.’
I am so grateful to her Lynette, because you were awesome! My only regret was the time constraints as we all could have listened to you for hours.”
 — International Women’s Day, Sunshine Coast 2016
“I want to say thank you for your time and the gift you gave to all of us on IWD at Pelican Waters.  I soooo enjoyed your presentation – you made so much sense of “what is”……”  — Stars Institute of Learning and Leadership
“In the 35 years of my listening to presentations, that has got to be the best I’ve heard.”  — Rotary Australia, 2016 Sunshine Coast