Are we a Nation of Narcissists?
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A book for parents of teens about what's going on with them.

A book for parents of teens about what’s going on with them.

Dr Maguire’s book, “Selfies, sexting savagery and suicide: Welcome to the era of narcissism”

The book is an easy to read explanation of the issues Now Generation tackles, and offers tips and suggestions to help the parent and caregiver.

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Designed to get the family talking as a unit

Designed to get the family talking as a unit

Now Generation’s ‘let’s talk life’ discussion cards.

The cards have been designed to evoke family conversation with teenagers on the issues in question.  The cards have been very well received and parents have been amazed at the depth of conversation they have with their teens.  The cards are also an excellent way of connecting the generations: grandparents, parents and their children will be better able to understand each other because there are no right or wrong answers – just opinions.

These cards can be generic as pictured below, or can be printed with your school logo on the back (for orders over 100).  I sincerely recommend these cards – they’re getting rave reviews by all who’ve purchased them.

Gritty, real, and an exciting page turner - just some of the praise for Lepidoptera

Gritty, real, and an exciting page turner – just some of the praise for Lepidoptera

‘Lepidoptera’ is a fast paced novella which connects the issues of narcissism, violence, cyberbullying and suicide in a real-life way.   The study guide will ensure each student understands not only the issues, but also the effects these issues have on them personally, as well as their peers and society.

Praise for ‘Lepidoptera’:

“The author maintains control over several themes: narcissism, the desensitising effects of violence and trauma the role played by social media in character assassination and bullying.  This is a sobering and very effective work of fiction which explores the alarming tendency in today’s society to valorise physical attributes over mental skills or moral values and to reward narcissistic personalities rather than cautioning them.  The metaphor of the butterfly is a potent one … and I found the writing to be subtle and suggestive.”

N Krauth, Professor, School of Humanities, Griffith University.

The novella is an insightful and exciting work guaranteed to create readership discussion of the important adolescent issues it raises. The novella is a multi-document work including fictional newspaper cuttings and articles, scripts from telephone, texting and other forms of communication, collectors’ cards, material from internet sites, records of interviews, advertising material, a media release, programs, hand-passed notes, etc.  The most impressive aspect of the book is the beautiful control exercised over the sequencing of materials and the decisions about what to include in them.  Rarely does the author explain too much – the momentum of the narrative is created between the juxtaposed documents.  The skilful strategies exercised here indicate the author’s deep knowledge of the multimodal reading capacities of the target young adult audience.

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Lepidoptera’ – it entertains as well as educates by the polemic it creates.  I think it will be a great read for the young adults’ parents as well as young people themselves.  Its control of drama – how it sequentially unfolds issues and events – is very clever.  The reader is prompted to have reactions and want to talk to others about them before having read on to see how the narrative veers sideways or bends around to cumulatively build its messages.

R Sheahan-Bright, Independent freelance writing and publishing consultant at Justified Text writing and publishing consultancy services

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An academic text by author Dr Lynette Maguire

An academic text by author Dr Lynette Maguire

Is social networking increasing narcissism and violence in teens?  If you’re an academic and want to know more, this is a portion of Dr Lynette’s research available through Lambert.

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