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Be aware of these 14 points of suicidality

Please be aware of some of the warning signs and risk factors of suicide.  Here’s some do’s and don’ts which might help you, or someone you know:

  1. Do be open and honest with your teen – keep communication open
  2. Don’t be judgemental or say ‘get over it’ (an issue you think is small might be insurmountable to your teen)
  3. Do be aware if your teen withdraws
  4. Do watch for signs of self-harm
  5. Do be vigilant for changes in your child’s ‘normal’ behaviours
  6. Do watch the behaviours of your child’s friendship circles
  7. Do evaluate any signs of bullying or cyberbullying
  8. Do approach authorities, the school and/or Police
  9. Do take your child to a Counsellor
  10. Do not think your child (or anyone for that matter) is attention seeking if they speak of suicide
  11. Do watch out for your child engaging in dangerous or high-risk behaviours (often this happens in the hope that death will occur)
  12. Do not be afraid to ask if he or she is thinking about suicide, or is depressed
  13. Do not leave the person alone
  14. Do ask your teen to give you any weapons, objects etc which may cause them harm

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